The Flying FarmerTHE FLYING FARMER Turning 365 Days Per Year

Established in 2007, John's Flying Farmer business embraces so much that is synonymous with Scotland – remoteness, farming, and the ever changing weather.

Turning 365 Days Per Year relates to his commercial areas of operation which include flying helicopters, farming electricity through hydro schemes, farm scale wind turbines and driving an electric car. Farming a variety of animals is of course very much 365 days also.

John Mckenzie

John Mckenzie in the cockpit

John Mckenzie is The Flying Farmer, a helicopter pilot, farmer and green energy advocate.


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John F Mckenzie


An ex-Army Air Corps helicopter pilot, John has flown on military and commercial operations worldwide for over 20 years.

He is currently available for all types of helicopter contract work.


John's farming roots can be traced back to his great grandfather, Kenneth Mckenzie of Evanton, who invented the famous Mckenzie Turnip Cutter before the second world war.

John manages a range of livestock including alpacas, Belted Galloways, British Saddleback pigs and Zwartble Sheep.

Green Energy

Using his own farm as starting point, in 2009 John took his various experiences, particularly those from visiting the remote islands of Scotland, and embarked on a number of projects to promote local energy production and saving. The result is a farm that harnesses the wind, rain and sun for energy production.

Ben Wyvis above Dingwall

A whisky distillery in Dingwall again! John's quest to bring whisky distilling back to Dingwall

For over 10 years John has been visiting the distilleries of Scotland, when a chance meeting with a renowned whisky guide planted a seed that was to reveal so much about the history of whisky from his home town.

Find out about John's plans to reinstate a Lost Distillery at Dingwall